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Robot Linishing Cartrim

Robot Polishing Cartrim

Robot Deburring Aluminium Sand Castings

Robot Polishing Sink Bowl

Robot Blending Weld Seams

Robot Linishing a Motorbike Tank


Model 123 edge grinder

Model 127 edge grinder

Model 128 single head tube polisher

Model 128D twin head tube polisher

Model 130 radius grinder


CNC cylinder head deburring machine

Model 133 radius grinder

Model 212 4-wheel belt grinder

Model 213 4-wheel belt grinder

Model 312 flatbed linisher

Model 332 flatbed linisher

Model 333 flatbed linisher

Model 334 flatbed linisher

Model 410 manual sheet edge deburrer

Model 420 manual sheet edge deburrer

Model 491 multi-purpose belt grinder

Model 623 internal hole grinder

Model 800 sheet edge deburrer

Model 844 sheet edge deburrer


SBM-D double sided slag removal from thermal cut plate

SBM-S deburring and edge rounding of sheet on both sides in one pass

SBM-B oxide removal from plate edges

Model 132 radius grinder

Model 1103 throughfeed grinder machine


Heavy duty bevelling machine (part1)

Heavy duty bevelling machine (part2)